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Find the right fit

Therapy is an investment and you want to make sure the person working with your family not only truly understands your child, but has the knowledge and expertise to do so. We offer a free phone call so we can learn more about what led you here and how we can help. If we decide together we are not the right fit for your family, we will help you find someone who is.


A Happier, Healthier Child

Your child will meet one on one with a trained therapist to explore the areas of their life and experiences contributing to their pressing concerns. We incorporate many modalities to meet your child's unique needs. We believe building a trusting relationship is the key to any successful therapeutic treatment.


Here For You

We have found that children are more likely to extend what they have learned in therapy to their environment when their parents are involved in their treatment. In addition to the included communication between therapist and parents, we offer 25 minute and 50 minute parent coaching sessions. Here we will dive deeper in how to best support your child's healing and growth.

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