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Lately you notice your teen has started to pull away from you even more and are making choices that scare you. Punishment does not work anymore and they do not seem to care. People tell you that’s how teenagers are, but it’s gotten to a point where they barely come out of their room anymore. 

You Try To Reach Out To Your Teen

You try to have a close relationship with your teen, but every time you try it seems like you said the wrong thing. All you got was attitude or a glare when you have been trying so hard to connect. You sensed something was off with them and maybe they even told you they needed help, but you didn’t think it was that serious. Maybe if they would just listen to you they wouldn’t be struggling this bad.

It Wasn't Always This Hard

You get sad a lot when you remind yourself of the light and joy your child used to bring into your home. You had this dream of being best friends with your kids for life and now that vision is slipping away and they slip into one of their moments of darkness. You want to find someone she can talk to. Someone who can help you support her because that’s really all you want to do…is to help.

I'm Haley and I am a Teen Therapist in Sacramento, CA 

I help parents find relief for their teens to stop the cycle of stress and tension in the home. My clients find their teens are able to leave the heaviness with me in the therapy room and walk out feeling lighter. They are able to enjoy each other more at home and work toward more connectedness as a family. By building a unique relationship with your teen we can process feelings and identify needs that are getting in the way of your teen’s peace. With therapy you can build that closer relationship with them too.

Let's get started! 


If you are ready to stop tension in your home and get your teen and family the support they need, contact me for a free phone consultation at (916) 538-9953 to talk more about how therapy with a clear plan and the right therapist can make a difference. 

My specialties include teen anxiety, teen school problems, sneaking out, self-harm, and depression.



Find the right fit

Therapy is an investment and you want to make sure the person working with your family not only truly understands your teen, but has the knowledge and expertise to do so. We offer a free phone call so we can learn more about what led you here and how we can help. If we decide together we are not the right fit for your family, we will help you find someone who is.


A Happier, Healthier Teen

Your teen will meet one on one with a trained therapist to explore the areas of their life and experiences contributing to their pressing concerns. We incorporate many modalities to meet your teen's unique needs. We believe building a trusting relationship is the key to any successful therapeutic treatment.


Here For You

We have found that teens are more likely to extend what they have learned in therapy to their environment when their parents are involved in their treatment. We offer 50 minute parent coaching sessions where we will dive deeper in how to best support your teen's healing and growth.


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